The U.S. government approved a new brand – alcohol powder that can be dissolved in water or sprinkled on food. Already this year, the new product called Palcohol, can be found in stores.

The inventor of the strange drink Mark Phillips is an active person who likes to relax and enjoy a refreshing alcoholic beverage reported site of Palcohol.

Management of trade and taxation of alcohol and tobacco entered on the list of permitted goods selling powdered alcohol Palcohol, offered to taste varieties of vodka, rum and cocktail “Powderita – tastes just like a Margarita”, “Mojito”, “Cosmopolitan”and “Lemon Drop”. In glass alcohol powder are dissolved in water and was prepared true alcoholic beverage. Moreover, the powder can be used as a seasoning to food.

Powdered form opens up opportunities to import alcohol in all places where it is forbidden – in cinema, stadium, school. It will soon alcohol powder to storm shops throughout the world. These are some of the concerns of some health associations.