When you apply a certain diet, it is best to combine it with gymnastic complex.

A successful mode to exercise:

  • Morning – gymnastics on a window open for 10 minutes to make it work with their hands for movement of the shoulder girdle and the legs to the abdomen and pelvic girdle.
  • During the day – performed light physical labor if possible, extended in duration. For women dealing with mental work, physical activity during the day is done by moving walk certain distances ranging from 5 km away and reaches 10-12 km per day. These distances can go a couple of times a day: the way to work and return home, walk after work, climbing stairs, etc. To be effective, must be going fast and combined with energetic movements. Prolonged standing is counterproductive.
  • Weekly trip – takes place in a mountainous area of medium height and moderate slope ( 15 km).
  • Yearly rest – in a mountain resort with daily tours or special holiday homes, where under medical supervision are carried out comprehensive measures to lose weight. While staying at sea as an effective means of weight loss is recommended swimming under the supervision of a physician. In physiotherapy departments of hospitals apply therapeutic exercise for weight loss.

For example is the following complex therapeutic exercise:

  1. Exercise for arms, shoulders and chest. Baseline: basic stance, arms wide. With your hands make lower rounds to the chest, then lift up and strike back when lifting the toes. Reference is 10-12 times.
  2. Exercise for the chest muscles. Baseline : basic stance, hands up, eyes forward, chest upright: double bending forward from the waist with the desire fingers touch your toes. Straightening and double tilt backward springing. Reference is 8-10 times .
  3. Exercise lateral muscles of the body. Baseline: basic stance, arms wide. Raise your arms and bending by triple springing first left and then right. Return to the starting position. Reference is 8-10 times.
  4. Exercise for abdominal muscles. Starting position: sitting posture. Legs are collected strained hands – behind the body, the chest is facing. Lifting of legs 450 from the ground, and dissolution collection legs. Placing the legs slowly to the starting position. Reference is from 7 to 10 times.
  5. Exercise the leg muscles. Baseline: basic stance. Toes, stepping on the entire foot, lifting left foot to the left, his hands away, right foot standing on tiptoe. Return to the main stance. Also made with the right foot. Made from 4 to 6 times.
  6. Exercise overall impact on the body. Baseline: basic stance with your feet together. Ordinary jumps on his toes in which the body is relaxed. Reference is 10-12 times.

For the treatment of obesity and apply some surgeries. Failure, however, of the diet will again lead to the accumulation of fats.