To eating healthy is not enough, it is better to do and exercise. The best exercises are targeted and heart as well as tone your body, and results that are associated with weight loss will come faster if you do them.

Here are 10 of them and calories you can burn them:

1. Step aerobics

Burning calories: 800 cal/h. Step aerobics focuses on the legs, thighs and buttocks. These are the most common places where a lot of women want to lose weight. Hour of exercise can be divided into two parts for ½ hour and results may please you even after 2 weeks. Another exercise that is very well combined with step aerobics is crunches on a bench. Are difficult to implement, so make sure that they perform properly in order to have the desired effect.

2. Cycling

Burning calories: 500-1000 cal/h. This exercise is also aimed primarily at the feet, buttocks and thighs. Depending on how intense cycling, the more calories you will burn. Cycling outdoors is fun and the only problem with it is that you have to spend money on a quality wheel that you do. This is my favorite exercise for burning calories. And what about being a cycling while watching TV? If you have an exercise bike, you can try this exercise at home without worrying that you might miss some episode of your favourite TV series.

3. Swimming

Burning calories: 800 cal/h. One hour of swimming in the pool burns 800 calories while toning your entire body. Motivate and a ½ hour hot tub then you will feel great!

4. Tennis

Burning calories: 800 cal/h. The rapid sprints from one side to the other, except that melts calories is very helpful for the heart. Tennis helps tighten your legs and butt, as acting and socializing at the gym.

5. Treadmill

Burning calories: 600 cal/h. Running on treadmill strengthens muscles of the abdomen and legs, as well for the heart. Although still running outdoors is a good option, it may replace it under adverse conditions with trail running, listening to music.

6. Rowing

Burning calories: 500-600 cal/h. Rowing is very good for your arms and legs and it is good to save the local club (if any), or simply use the rowing equipment at the gym.

7. Walking

Burning calories: 360 cal/h. This is the easiest exercise! Fast walking is excellent for the overall tone of your body, and in particular the abdomen, hips and legs, and improves the heart tone. Climbing the heights is even more useful if it is possible to practice it, it will bring an additional burning calories. Try to walk more often walk in everyday and you will notice a difference soon.

8. Dancing

Burning calories: 600-800 cal/h. Dancing is a great way to lose weight, of course if you do it regularly. The easiest way is to run a music channel and dance, get tired. Except that it melts away calories and is a good anti-stress measure psychological landing.

9. DVD with exercises

Burning calories 300-500 cal/h. There are different discs with exercises that you can practice as they see them and try your best to spend 1 hour per day for them.

10. Horse

Burning calories: 200-600 cal/h. To arrange this activity is pretty tough, but again, it’s pretty good exercise for weight loss and to maintain a good shape as long as you can afford it once a week.