How to care for your nails

1. Beautiful nails perfectly complement supported arms, caring for the nails and skin of the hands must be permanent. A healthy nail should be strong, flexible and strong. The structure was inherited, but may be changed under the influence of external factors (environmental, nutritional, improper care, nature of work). For the health of nails, nutrition must be full and the products should be varied and containing necessary vitamins and minerals.

2. Vitamin A is necessary for growth and strengthen nails (found in liver, butter, tomatoes and carrots).
Vitamin B helps the absorption of proteins, which is also necessary for their growth (contained in cabbage, brewer’s yeast, egg yolk, sprouted wheat grains).
Iodine also supports the growth (contained in seaweed, spinach).
Silicon is important for elasticity and hardness of nails (found in vegetables).
Calcium helps the hardness of nails (found in dairy products).
Iron is necessary for the structure and shape of the nail.
Sulfur prevents inflammation, is important for the formation of nails (contained in cabbage, onions, cucumbers).

3. Manicure recommended doing at least once every two weeks

4. Use only quality cosmetics Nail polish remover should not contain acetone. He severely dry plates.

5. For the health of nails is recommended to smear with nourishing cream at night.

6. They should be constantly nails varnished. Ideally varnish should shrink evening and leaving nails to rest for at least two days every five before re-varnished.

7. Yellow nails can clean, lubricate them with a slice of lemon. This not only lightens them, but strengthens them.

8. Intake of products containing gelatin promote the growth and strength. If we take one month, one month after the course can be repeated.

9. A common reason for stratification of nails is the shortage of calcium. It needs to be taken with vitamin D in oil otherwise hard to absorb. But before any intake it is better to consult a doctor.

10. Not recommended baths with soda.

11. Always in carrying out homework wear gloves.

12. Brittleness are useful baths of warm vegetable oil in which are those added a few drops of vitamin A and lemon juice. Do it once – twice a week. Also help and bathrooms of vegetable oil and cider vinegar mixed in equal doses.

13. Strengthen action nails have bathrooms with heated olive oil in which to add a few drops of lemon juice.

14. It is useful to be rubbed into the plates vinegar, lemon juice, cranberry juice, white and black grapes.

15. Hands is useful to wash with water at room temperature. The cold, the skin begins to crack and peel, it becomes hard and the hot dehydrated, dried and becomes rough.