Abdomen is an important part of the body beautiful, how many of you have dreamed of tight abdomen with well-formed tiles and how you did it?! Most people today have a well formed swollen belly, not be you of them. The most effective way to tighten the abdomen, it is with exercise. To have a flat stomach you do not have to walk in the gym.

You can do exercises for belly at home.

Exercises for belly 1

The first exercise for abs, this is V abdominal press. To perform this exercise you will need a bench, sofa or stool. Sit on the bench and let your body take the form of a V. Purpose lift your legs and pull gently on the body behind. Then start downloading intensive feet down and pulling slightly body behind. Then return to starting position. Do this exercise as soon as intense and you will feel the load in the press abdomen. Make at least three sets of 20 repetitions of these exercises belly.

Exercises for belly 2

The second exercise is a classic abdominal press. It is better if you have nowhere to prop your feet to be able to perform the exercises correctly. You can ask, girlfriend, husband or children temporarily help for this exercise. Sit ups tighten overall abdominal press and are very effective. Do at least 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Exercises for belly 3

The next group of exercises for the abdomen is performed lying on the floor. Hold hands with chair, table or other furniture more stable and start lifting only legs, raise them until they are perpendicular to the floor. Try to keep your legs straight and together. This 3 exercise workout for belly work for one of the most difficult grooming areas, namely the lower abdomen. Do at least 15 reps and three sets.

Exercises for belly 4

Good workout for belly to complete at least 10 minutes of jumping rope. This exercise except that tightens the muscles of the abdomen, helps tighten the thighs, buttocks, leg and hip. Effectively burn excess fat and is a good exercise for cellulite.

The good thing about these exercises is that you can perform at home. Do not take a long time, their implementation takes no more than 30 minutes. If you follow this training regime after just 30 days you will feel the change in your body. For even better results you can try different diets, which further try to lose fat in the abdomen.