The perfect workout for a straight posture

Usually, when training in the gym, we focus on the areas we consider the most problematic – the buttocks, the legs, the belly, etc.

Of course, we think of those parts of the body that are most prone to the eyes, but there is a secret that fitness instructors know – the properly trained upper is not only a key factor for a good figure but also protection from incorrect posture and injuries .

It’s worth focusing on this kind of workout, is not it?

In order to maximize the circular training for the upper body, we will show you five exercises that will shape your muscles so that the change can be seen even in the way you move.

Always start the workout with 15-20 minute cardio to prepare your body for work.

1. Drag a vertical stack

The exercise is aimed at shaping the back muscles and can be done in different variations, depending on your goals and current options. Consultation with a professional trainer will help you get the most out of the exercise to get it right, without the risk of an injury.

How to run the exercise properly?

  • Select weight according to the degree of advancement, grasp the lever, sit and stretch your hands;
  • Pull your back slightly backward, putting your elbows a little in front of your shoulders and tightening your abdominal muscles;
  • Pull the weight down and back without moving your back and relaxing your stomach;
  • Hold your shoulders in a static position, ending by pulling the lever until it reaches your chin;
  • Do not drop the lever suddenly, but slowly release the elbows, then the shoulders and do the next repeat.

You can start with small weights – 10-15 kg, with 10-15 reps, in 2-3 series. It all depends on your capabilities.

2. Pull the lower jaw

The nice thing about this exercise is that it does not require much experience because of the easy technique of execution. However, there are certain subtleties that you need to know before doing something to harm yourself. Exercise is extremely appropriate when your goal is strength and density of the back muscles.

How to run the exercise properly?

  • Select weight, according to the degree of advancement;
  • Sit and support your heels, shrink your knees, straighten your back, and pull out the handle of your device until your hands are standing;
  • Tighten your belly and pull your handle and body back;

Be careful and do not make sudden movements, do not poke around or shrink your hands.

Perform the exercise with lightweight 10-15 kg, with 15-20 reps, in 3 runs.

3. Close Peak-Deck Machine

The exercise is aimed at loading the large chest muscles, helping to build them, and is extremely suitable for both advanced and beginners because of the possibility of weight control.

How to perform the exercise correctly?

  • Adjust the appliance by its height, tighten the muscles of the back and pull the shoulders slightly down and back;
  • Press the elbows with your elbows by focusing on the back muscles;
  • Hold for a second and close your hands by pulling your shoulders and shoulders back.

Exercise can be performed with light weights of 5-10 kg, with 15-20 reps, in 3 series. Remember that depends on your degree of advancement.

4. Raise your hands forward

The exercise builds the muscular mass of the shoulders and it is advisable to be present in each of your workouts. It is appropriate for intermediate and advanced learners, and for beginners instructor consultation is mandatory as there are features that need to be learned before it is implemented.

How to run the exercise properly?

  • Take the weights, tighten your abdomen and relax your hands;
  • Slowly and controlfully lift the weight in front of the body without shifting the shoulders and shrinking your arms in the elbows;
  • Repeat the exercise after your hands are parallel to the floor without hitching.

You can run the exercise with 2-3 kg dumbbells, alternating your hands with 10-15 reps, in 3 runs.

5. Triceps unfolding a top hat

The focus of this exercise is on the shaping, strength and endurance of the triceps.

The load on triceps is again dependent on the individual training program.

How to run the exercise properly?

  • Select the desired weight, grab the handle and lean forward slightly;
  • Bend the hands at right angles in the elbow joints and slowly unfold the arms without changing the distance between the elbows and the body;
  • After fully unfolding the hands, start a controlled folding.

Exercise can run 10-15 kg. weights, with 15-20 reps, in 3 series.