What more serious diseases are associated with low testosterone levels?

Diseases associated with this sex hormone are numerous and each has its own features and signs.

Testosterone and Men

Diseases in men related to the hormone testosterone – these are dangerous when testosterone levels decrease in the body. With low amounts of synthesized hormone, the following problems are observed:

• Alopecia – this is a kind of baldness. Or rather fast hair removal. It usually reduces hair on the scalp, but there are also cases of baldness in other parts of the body such as legs or groin.
• Erectile dysfunction – a common problem in many men. In the absence of the necessary amount of the hormone, the man loses his libido (loss of desire and / or sexual intercourse). In all men, with age, there is a decrease in testosterone production and therefore many men over the average age lose their erectile function.
• Spermatogenesis
• Osteoporosis – a disease related to bone growth and strength. Dangerous for everyone, regardless of gender and age.

Testosterone and Women

Diseases in women related to the hormone testosterone – considered dangerous if the amount of testosterone is above the admissible limit of 2.2pg / ml, then the possibility of more serious consequences is greater.

• Polycystic ovaries – this is a syndrome that is common and more and more young women are diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. This disease is related to the lack of ovulation, an irregular monthly cycle. These functions of the female body help to conceive children. When there is no ovulation, there is no menstruation. And if there is no menstruation, the possibility of normal pregnancy is difficult if there is no cure for regaining the hormonal balance in the body.
• Hirsutism – Excessive and increased hair growth of women and more masculine features than females. With high amounts of testosterone, women begin to get hair on their faces and other places that are especially characteristic of men.

Why does the amount of testosterone decrease with age?


It develops a condition called “age hypogonadism” or male climax.

The main reason is that there is protein in the blood that binds sex hormones and this leads to a decrease in the amount of testosterone.

It develops a condition called “age hypogonadism” or male climax.
Age hypogonadism may be accompanied by sudden hot flashes in the face, neck, upper body, as well as irritability, fatigue, insomnia, depression, pain in the heart, decreased Sexual attraction and pleasure of sex.

The natural reduction in testosterone can be severely delayed or even stopped (according to many experts) if special attention is paid to lifestyle.

Healthy nutrition, physical activity, intake of certain foods that positively affect testosterone and food supplements (testosterone boosters) are considered.