We offer a list of very useful fruits that everyone involved in the daily menu in season attacking influenza virus.

American men’s magazine for sport and health Men’s Health recommends that all delicious fruits that strengthen the immune system against the flu and lists their additional health benefits.


Apples are the most popular source of antioxidants in our daily menu. Eating an apple has antioxidant effect of 1500 mg of vitamin C. Apples also contain protective flavonoids, which can prevent heart disease and cancer. Generally regular consumption of apples prolongs life by years.


Containing 250% above the recommended dose of vitamin C fruit papaya drove cold. Furthermore, vitamin C papaya is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E, which reduce the inflammation in the body, and the counter for asthma.


Cranberries have more antioxidants than other common fruits and vegetables. A handful of cranberries has five times more than broccoli for example. Cranberries are a natural probiotic, which increases the levels of good bacteria in the intestines and prevents the stomach from eating disorders.


Loaded with vitamin C, grapefruit also contains natural compounds called lemonoids, which can reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. The red varieties are a powerful source of the substance lycopene, which protects against cancer.


One of the best dietary source of vitamin B6, bananas help reduce fatigue, depression, stress, insomnia. Bananas are rich in magnesium, which keeps the strength of the bone, and potassium, which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Eat more fruits often listed against influenza to strengthen the immune system.