You may not realize it, but diet is really essential for your skin condition. Especially in winter, when it needs extra protection against sharply worded favors winter climate. Find out which foods can add to your daily menu to keep your skin beautiful during the winter.

Beautiful skin is healthy, vibrant, hydrated and smooth. And to be such, it needs a certain structuring components and plenty of water. The easiest way to its natural source them is through nutrition. Eating the right foods will give your skin a powerful protection against drying signs of aging and UV – rays and at the same time keep it thick, shiny and radiant at any time. Here they are:

Foods rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids – flaxseed, salmon , tuna, nuts, avocados. Two-three servings a week are enough to protect the cell membranes and collagen from free radicals, increase the content of natural oils in the skin to reduce water loss and inflammation.

Foods rich in vitamin B – whole grains, brown rice, dark green vegetables, mushrooms, bananas, red meat. Extremely important for the restoration and maintenance of tissues for cell renewal (especially dry and chapped skin) and the appearance of scars and spots.

Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables – peppers, carrots, mangoes, lemons, oranges, corn, pumpkin. Extremely rich in carotenoids (substances that the body transforms into vitamin A and E or used alone ), they nourish the inner one layer of the skin, protect it from harmful UV rays, dryness and hyperpigmentation.

Grapefruit – centuries Grapefruit extract is used as an anti – aging agent. This fruit is considered to be the best possible source of antioxidants and carotenoids lycopene keep the skin smooth and youthful. Most useful are pinkish- red varieties.

Spinach – rich in antioxidants, iron, carotenoids, vitamins C, K, E and folic acid, it is considered a winter superfood that restore a youthful glow to the skin and helps to deal with drying and irritation.

Broccoli – like other foods rich in vitamin C ( citrus, kiwi, leafy green vegetables), it will help to erasing wrinkles, reduce dryness caused by age and stimulates the synthesis of collagen for firmer skin.

Seafood – oysters, clams, crab, mackerel, squid. Rich in antioxidant minerals selenium and zinc, they will protect the skin from free radicals, will help renew and repair cells, reduce oiliness and soothe acne.

Dark chocolate – one piece a day will provide you with the right amount of cocoa flavonoids that will make your skin softer, thicker and more hydrated. Furthermore, this will increase the blood flow to the skin and thus enrich it with nutrients and oxygen necessary for its good health. You can replace it with a cup of hot cocoa.

Milk – a rich source of proteins, it strengthens the natural glow of the skin, moisturize it, and fed with valuable vitamins and minerals. Thus strengthening the skin cells, stimulates their renovation and brightens the complexion.

Caffeinated drinkscoffee and green tea. Moderate their consumption (1-2 cups daily) will protect your skin from cancer and premature aging, will absorb excess water causing bloating, and improve density.

The good news is that with the right foods you will notice improvements in the condition of your skin even after 3 weeks. But to keep her beauty in all winter, you should follow a few conditions. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day (about every cup be reconciled two extra glasses of water), avoid harmful foods and sugar (the latter accelerates the breakdown of collagen and stimulates the production of sebum) and nourish the skin externally with appropriate cosmetics.