We all know that time aggressive, cold, wind and snow act bad skin on our face. But if we ignore the fact that this is true for hair. Give recipes on how to keep your hair healthy and undamaged in the cold winter days.

Do not go out with wet hair!

This is the most important factor for good form. Here the problem is that you will fall ill as we have been taught as a child. The hair itself can freeze. If your hair is wet, and hair has absorbed enough moisture is in danger, it will freeze and expand its volume, which would later lead to damaged hair.

Before going out in the winter make sure your hair is well dried. At the same time, be sure to use protein-rich moisturizing products, which in turn will keep hair alive. This is because, contrary to the notion that hair is dry in the summer, it dries much more in the winter.

Most people think that summer is the season that leads to dryness of hair. This view is wrong. When our hair is exposed to the sun during the warmer months, with perspiration of the body, the sebaceous glands in the head and working overtime to crush and keep hair hydrated. In winter, the hair is subjected to stress – Change rooms with hot cold outside. These aggressions are subjected her to repeated stress and care about this season should be significant.

How to keep your hair, taking care of hair?

Of course, good for the health of our hair is to use a hat. But vanity often prevents us from doing it, because under the umbrella hair loses the desired shape, and be energized. The solution we offer is simple. Antistatic hair products and a wide scarf wrapped around our head without hair pressed firmly. Choose a scarf from natural materials.