Scandinavian countries have the healthiest cuisine, said researchers.

For many years the beneficial Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables and olive oil, was considered the key to health and longevity, but according to new research kitchen of Scandinavian countries is much more useful alternative.

According to nutritionists culinary habits Scandinavians not only promote weight loss, but also protect against the development of cardiovascular diseases. Generally in refrigerators of people in these latitudes present fruit, fish and meat, which thrive in colder weather conditions.

To compare the effects of a Mediterranean diet compared Scandinavian scientists studied 166 people from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, which split into two groups. All participants consumed the same number of calories but ate some of the people in the Mediterranean and the other Scandinavian mode.

The results showed that after one week the group of lovers of dishes from the menu of Scandinavian cuisine, demonstrated not only reduce bad cholesterol, but also improve the levels of good cholesterol in the blood.

The difference between the two diets lies in the fact that traditional Scandinavian diet reduces the consumption of substances that can cause inflammation in the blood and lead to heart problems.