Different diets for weight loss come in vogue and go. But no matter what you hear and read , the restriction of consumed fat (especially saturated fat) is the basis of almost every recipe for weight loss.

Here are the ten recommended by nutritionists ways to reduce fat in your food:

1. Refrigerate food. Whether you eat soup or something “in a severe”. Cool it, and remove the fat that will eventually appear on the surface.

2. Buy nonfat products. Milk for example, which contains almost no fat, you may at first seem slightly tasteless or decent water, but if you use it regularly will quickly get used to the taste. The same is true for other dairy products with low or no fat.

3. Cook with a preliminary plan. Reduce the use of oil or butter when frying. Try to avoid frying. In most cases, it may be replaced by boiling, steaming or grill.

4. No yolks. In particular they comprise the eggs almost all the fat and cholesterol. In most dishes one whole egg can be successfully replaced by two proteins.

5. Decline of butter and margarine. If you decide to eat a greased slice, let’s margarine vegetable – apple, pumpkin or other fruit. If you want to make a cake, place two times less fat than you read in the recipe – it will not affect the taste.

6. No oil in the salad. The flavor, which gives it, can advantageously be replaced by a dressing with low or no fat content. The same goes for spaghetti sauce.

7. Bean protein. At least 1-2 times a week supplemented diets containing meat, one that is made ​​from beans, peas, lentils or another plant of the same family.

8. Limitations meat. Even in this case selective one that contains less fat – such as beef or chicken.

9. Use meat substitutes. Most often these are products containing soy. In all embodiments, these products may contain minor amounts of saturated fat. In this election, you can save the amount of food you’re used to eating.

10. Place of dessert. If it will be ice cream or let is made from skimmed milk. Topping may be used indefinitely (at least in terms of the absence of fat in them).