Dear ladies, we offer you an effective set of seven exercises that cover all problem areas of the female body and you can expect good and quick results.
For these exercises you will need a mat and a pair of dumbbells weighing 1 to 3 pounds, depending on your physical condition. Do 25 repetitions of each exercise and immediately proceed to the next.

After completing the entire complex, rest for 2 minutes and start again. You must do three reps. This type of workout is called a circular workout and not only allows your muscles to get stronger, but to burn excess fat. As a result, you will not only lose weight but also to shape your body.

Do this set of exercises three times a week with interval training for at least one day. After a month can increase the minimum weight of dumbbells or add in triplicate to each exercise.


Start with four deep breaths. Then march in place and gradually increase the pace. 10-15 minutes dance active, then carefully stretch major muscle groups.
If you have a home exercise bike or mini stepper, you can start warming up with them. Additionally, you can jump rope or running.

1. Exercise for shapely legs

Take dumbbells. Feet should be shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other. Crouched as if you want to sit in a chair – buttocks are back, and the back is straight and slightly inclined forward. When you stand, your weight should be on your heels, but your fingers should not be separated from the floor.

2. Exercise to deal with breeches

Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, feet are parallel to each other. Take dumbbells and let arms around. Imagine that there’s a wall behind you. Begin to squat by dissolving knees countries – in any case should not touch the walls! When standing, the weight of your body should be on the heel and outside of the feet.

3. Exercise for shaping the buttocks

Start making attacks with the front leg should be bent at the knee at an angle of not less than 90 degrees, and the rear foot is on his toes and his knee at the lowest point should not touch the floor. The torso should be perfectly straight, not tilted forward. It is very important that during the bringing the center of gravity falls on your heel of the front leg.

4. Exercise of Fine Hand

Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Take dumbbells. Trying to keep your elbows at your sides, begin lifting the dumbbells to your chest. After completing all the reps, hold dumbbells at the highest point for ten seconds and relax your hands.

5. Exercise for the back of the hands

From the same starting position as for the previous exercise, lift the dumbbell with right hand over your head. With your left hand, provide support to the elbow on the outside. Begin to fold the hand, lowering the dumbbell behind your head. Never move the elbow and lean forward. After completing repetitions, change hands.

6. Exercise for slim waist

Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees and let your pelvis forward. Raise your right hand over your head and stretch your left down. Taking care to keep the position of the body begin to maximum tilt to the left. Springy thus 30 times on each side. Each week add five slope until they cent.

7. Exercise for flat stomach

Lie on the floor, bend your knees and pull them towards your chest. Hands behind your head, elbows aside. Your chin should be directed to the ceiling. At each exhalation lift both blades and pelvis. With every breath, they return to the starting position. Never separate the lower back off the floor.

For the final

Lie on the floor and stretch well. Pull your right knee to your chest, then straighten your legs up and pull it possible to you. Repeat with the other leg. Then sit in Turkish and stretch arms up, then sideways and backwards.
Put folded his right arm at the elbow in the chest, stretch the left arm over your head and lean to the right, without lifting the seat from the floor. Repeat the opposite direction.
Carefully straighten and make a few deep breaths.