Everyone will agree that lipstick is a very important part of the makeup. No lipstick, makeup we stand unfinished. In its many variations is color on the lips so bright that gives expression to our image. And while a smile may be our strongest weapon properly made-up lips make us irresistible. Few simple but proven steps will help us to achieve it at any time.

Before you start with makeup lips is good to make sure that they are soft and smooth. Do not apply the product on cracked or scaly lips. Exfoliate if necessary. Then place the balm to soften and elasticity. Continue with a thin layer of foundation and powder very little – this will prolong the durability of lipstick.

Delicate is the choice of the pencil, which will outline the lips. He must be in line with lipstick or a shade darker. Carefully operate the pencil to highlight the perfect shape of the lips or to correct it, if necessary. Pencil can make your lips look larger or smaller. Movement is always from the center to the corners.

Is the best part – the application of lipstick. Choose lipstick according to the theme of the overall makeup. However, its role is to emphasize the bright lips and drawing attention to them or to make them discrete and luminous addition. It is best to put lipstick with a small brush. Soak up excess with a soft tissue.

The final step in make-up lip gloss is. It uses simple, suitable in almost all cases and is always present in your purse. Covered with gloss your lips will be well marked, smooth and shiny. For this reason, and advice to women with larger and full lips – it’s nice to finish your makeup with lipstick and possibly avoid gloss.