Only correct approach to the exercises ensure desired results

Muscle tone is enhanced by exercises with weights, but it is possible your efforts to go to waste if you do not follow some practice quite simple rules. There are techniques which can make your workout much more effective. And if you are overweight, you need to seek the advice of your doctor or dietician.

Muscle fatigue has to be dosed

When lifting weights, it is important muscles are loaded correctly and sufficiently. Appropriate weight should be neither too easy nor too hard heavy. You will navigate what are the right weight for you, just because they cause muscle fatigue in the last few reps, but this feeling can be overcome with willpower.

It is not good to try to speed up the results using such heavy weights that raise them spoiling technique of the whole exercise. If you do not feel tired muscles, weights are probably too small, therefore exercises – ineffective. Experts recommend the use of weights, which may be performed 12 to 15 repetitions. So you really can achieve an increase in muscle tone.

Perform exercises correctly

To increase muscle tone, you exercises have to be exactly. Otherwise it is not loaded the correct muscle groups. Furthermore, improper technique can lead to injuries that disrupt the schedule of exercises and even break them, and this inevitably leads to loss of tone.

You can use the advice of the coach in the gym – he will be watching you, remove promptly any inaccuracies in loading techniques.

Composite classes are preferable

If weightlifting committed many great joints, this speeds up the heart rate and leads to burning more calories. I.e. the result is a double benefit – building more muscle and weight-loss.

Exercises in which involve multiple joints, logically called composite exercises. This includes Squats and pushups. When exercise is used in only one joint and loaded an isolated muscle group, spend a lot less calories – less muscles are involved. An example is the biceps folding – only cuts biceps brings forearm in motion.

Breaks and pauses are needed

Prediction of short breaks during training is another nostrum for toning muscles. The body increases muscle tone less during exercise as in the interval between them. Therefore it is better to leave the muscles at least one day of rest between loads. So the body has time to build muscle, which was charged with training.

Furthermore, lifting weights often causes microscopic tears in the muscles. And if the body does not have enough time to rest, the muscles do not regenerate and can not expect to see a change in them.