In current treatment of certain illnesses amongst the drugs are administered and dietary. It assists successfully treated. To be properly implemented and effective dietary must be consistent with the nature, characteristics, progress and development of the disease and the taste habits of the patient. When appointing treatment with diet need to meet very strict requirements for quality and quantity of the ingredients of the dishes set. Should be used as permitted spices parsley, savory, mint, tomato paste, pure vinegar, tartaric and citric acid, and others that improve appetite.

The food of the patient must be prepared from fresh and good quality food. Fresh products give better tasting meals, vitamins in them are retained and the treatment effect is greater.

In culinary processing apply certain technological methods, mainly cooking (steaming or boiling), grilling, blending, rubbing, pouring through a meat grinder, suffocation, etc.; frying significantly limited. If properly cooked vegetables and fruits are contained in those vitamins and mineral salts.

Diet has a good therapeutic effect on gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, renal, cardiovascular diseases in conditions after major surgery, obesity in impaired metabolism in tuberculosis and other diseases.

In a healthy organism dietary disease protection and favorable effect of increasing the body’s resistance.

To eat properly, we need to know what kind of basic substances the human body is constructed and what nutrients it needs. By chemical analysis has demonstrated that the adult body contains: water (40-50%), proteins (15-17%), fats (7-10%), mineral salts (3%), carbohydrates (0, 5 to 0.8%).

For continual updating human body needs proper and timely adoption of essential nutrients. Every organism, every living cell processes of existence continuously consumes energy and uses substances from which it is built.

For 70 years a person drinks about 60 tons of water and eat three tons of protein, fat 2.5 tons to 12 tons and carbohydrates to 0.400 t salt. Such consumption of nutrients caused by the body’s need for processes for the exchange. Therefore human food should contain essential nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water.