Firstly by reducing weight. The movements are very important: regular walking, moderate exercise, consumption of low-calorie and healthy foods, avoid salty foods, white sugar and white flour products. Need a regular monitoring of blood pressure and values ‚Äč‚Äčabove 140/90 – medical advice and treatment. Blood pressure treat life, and more preferably is carried out permanent prophylactic, rather than waiting for the actual disease and complications. Enemy number one of modern man’s lack of exercise, so do exercise, walking, especially in air and nature!

In case of high cholesterol is carried hipolipemichna diet, while a recommendation from a doctor to take lipid-lowering medications. Athletes who eat more meat and eggs you should take herbs or herbal preparations to reduce bad cholesterol.

Need a regular monitoring of blood sugar, while recommendation – compulsory treatment under medical supervision. Prevention of metabolic syndrome begins in infancy. Let us control our children in the years when creating their eating habits: less Coke, chips and computer games, to avoid metabolic catastrophe.