According to statistics, about 20% of people are faced with problems related to infertility or other problems in the desire to have children. For various reasons, this topic has always been an easy consultation and many rely on friends and relatives to identify the causes of the problem.

Men can suffer equally from infertility, and women

What are actually the most common misconceptions about the causes of infertility and the truth behind them. Here’s our attempt to define them:

Deception №1: infertility suffer mainly women

Men can suffer equally from infertility, and women. Quite the case that after the separation of the childless couple, the woman soon became pregnant by another man, a former spouse and no children by other women.

Deception №2: infertility is inherited

If the woman in your family suffers from infertility or longer can not get pregnant, that does not mean that the problem is determined genetically. Each case must be considered individually.

Deception №3: incompatibility in blood groups of partners prevents pregnancy

In fact there can be no question of incompatibility of blood groups themselves. Rh incompatibility can not influence conception and wear and health of future children (and by no means always!).

Deception №4: infertility suffer only those who have not previously had children

Experts well-known problem of so-called. secondary infertility, when after the birth of one or more children is not a new pregnancy occurs due to one reason or another.

Deception №5: if a woman has no complaints and gynecologist found no problem, it does not suffer from infertility

There may be hidden health problems that the doctor is unable to find during a review of the primary, but which affect for example the patency of the fallopian tubes.

Deception №6: problems with the menstrual cycle can be a cause of infertility

Painful or irregular periods are not related to fertility (ability to conception). They are rather indications of the possible presence of a disease (such as endometriosis). Violations of the menstrual cycle (except its complete cessation) do not affect the pregnancy. The main condition is the occurrence of ovulation (on day 12-14 of the cycle).

Deception №7: stress can cause infertility

Quite the contrary – the stress is most often a result of the numerous unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant. If you relax and stop worrying about your chances of success will increase.

Deception №8: the ability of the man for conception is determined by the composition and quantity of sperm

Sperm quality as well as quantity and degree of activity contained in the sperm are not constant. Influence on them as factors resulting from the general health of man and other reasons – for example, the adoption of certain drugs.

Deception №9: irregular sex is a possible cause of infertility

Infertility is not so closely related to sexual behavior. For conception is not needed frequent sex because sperm trapped in the body of the woman, remains active in the next 48-72 hours. The chances of conception, of course, are greater in the period of ovulation.

Infertility is primarily a medical problem, not genetic, psychological, sexual, etc. There is no reason for concern if pregnancy does not occur even two years after the beginning of joint life in the absence of protective equipment. To find the true causes of infertility must look first consultation with a specialist gynecologist.