In late winter and early spring flu viruses are particularly active. How to prevent them? And how quickly heal if flu still catch up with us?

Two golden rules:

1. Avoid contamination

Viruses live in the air, through which are carried around. Avoid being near people coughing and runny shake hands with. Yes, it is not always easy, but it is better not to get out of your head as a precaution. Hands should be washed several times a day – after using public transport after meeting after shopping… When not possible, use antiseptic wipes. In case gripavite you, put a handkerchief over his mouth every cough and then throw it in a bin equipped with a lid. Similarly act after using the nasal tissue. Every day, ventilate the room in which you are. Wear a mask to not infect others.

2. Reinforce the body’s natural defenses

  • Effective measures to hygiene is well to add funds to a stronger immunity.
  • Homeopathy – take 1 dose per week Influentsinum 9 CH for one month.
  • Fitoterpiya – are very effective cypress and echinacea capsules.
  • Trace elements – one ampoule daily zinc and copper for 1 week at the beginning of influenza epidemics.
  • Nutrition – do not miss a meal and diversifying the menu so that it can attend more vitamins and other valuable substances.
  • Morning – leavened bread, dairy products and fresh fruit.
  • Lunch – a little meat or fish, cheese and fruit.
  • Night – starchy foods and vegetables.

The best treatment:

More holiday

In early enough to stay warm, better in bed. There is no scientific evidence that the disease also goes faster, but it’s reasonable behavior and affordable way to achieve psychological comfort. Active athletes must wait before they restore the normal rhythm of the training. At temperatures and unrelenting joint pain sport is completely inappropriate.

Herbs and vitamins

Echinacea strengthens the whole body by strengthening the immune system. Ginseng increases energy and balance the vital functions. Doctors do not believe a cocktail of vitamins or persistent intake of vitamin C. However, this vitamin facilitates the absorption of iron and this makes it necessary if you did not obtaining enough from food. Vitamin D is involved in the stabilization of the immune system – its additional intake is especially recommended for older people who rarely go outside in winter.


Although flu symptoms weaken in a week must remain vigilant. Continue to take homeopathic medicines by changing the concentration – as Gelsemium 15 CH combined with sulfuryl yodatum 9 CH.