It’s quite easy to lose weight. You should take about 1500 calories a day, no more, and you can be sure of the best results.

But can you still be confident, having quit the diet or dietary restrictions that will keep the weight that you have achieved?

Statistics show that those who follow a radical weight loss program tend to return to their eating habits and the weight they had before the diet. This is usually called “yo-yo” diet/effect. Scientists explain it with the fact that our body thinks about sudden weight loss measures such as hazard and warning of unwanted subsequent starvation. This leads to energy savings and slowdown of metabolism. Once you opt out of your weight loss diet, your body quickly making up for lost weight as before drastic measures to lose weight.

You can avoid negative yo-yo effect of dieting, but it will cost you much more time and patience than you think.

1. First you have to understand about your healthy weight norms.

2. Next, choose a diet, or at least try to eat healthy food and reduce the amount it less. Your new eating habits should fit into your eating preferences. If you give up some unhealthy favorite foods but try to do it gradually by reducing the amount of that food in your daily intake, but do not quit suddenly. When you take some time (may be a long period of time) this tasty but unhealthy food will not look so tasty anymore.

3. Do not aim for rapid weight loss. 5%-10% of the total weight you within 8 months or 12 months will be sufficient. If you rely on long-term results, you have to make a long-term strategy for weight loss.

4. Developing a plan for weight loss, remember the following information for weight loss:

  • People usually eat more than they need for daily operations.
  • Fatty foods contain the most calories. Compare 1 g fat ( 9 kcal ) with 1 gram of carbohydrate (4 kcal). So, try to give preference to carbohydrates.
  • If you can not give up sugar, try to replace it with honey and other natural sweeteners or reduce the daily intake of at least 10%.
  • Try to build new eating habits and gradually enter them into your day. They are not complicated, but very effective. You will be able to avoid drastic methods of weight loss. At the same time really will lose weight and you will be able to hold it without severe restrictions. Lose weight and keep weight to enjoy life!