Here’s a healthy recipe for Tibetan cleansing of the blood vessels.

World agencies spread useful and healthy Tibetan diet that helps to cleanse the blood of toxins and prevent stroke and heart attack, suitable for any season.

For the preparation of the elixir of health required 300 grams onions and lemons – one kilogram ┬áBoth ingredients are finely chopped and put in 1,5 liters of boiling water. Leave the pan covered for 15 minutes, to grant all the benefits.

The most useful potion to drink in the morning on an empty stomach for 25 days. Drink 1-2 cups in the morning and the remainder is distributed throughout the day. Then pauses for ten days and is repeated again. During this cleansing diet is sufficient to comply with all other terms of healthy eating.

Generally study by modern medicine proves that the two main ingredients of the Tibetan diet to cleanse the blood – onion and lemon act as a preventive measure against many types of cancer and strengthen the human immune system. Additional onion helps prevent osteoarthritis and rejuvenates and lemon act against stress and kidney stones and helps healthy gums.