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How to keep the desired weight after a diet?

Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips: How to keep the desired weight after a diet?

Top 10 Tips:

1. Banish stress

It often leads to a craving for sweet, and to gaining pounds hormonal reasons for cortisol. Increases fat, especially around the waist and abdomen. Mastering stress sports, good hygiene of life and relaxation practices such as meditation. Sometimes need additional magnesium intake, combined with silicon for better absorption by the body. Take these supplements twice a day at certain times – 11 and 17 h.

2. Maintain muscle mass

Muscles consume more energy than fat. The greater the muscular mass, the more calories you expend, even at rest. After diet reduces muscle mass and can easily be replaced by fat. So you should keep in motion. Regular physical activity promotes lipolysis. Twice weekly exercise, and at other times abide 10,000 steps a day, says the magazine. “Health Journal”. Get a pedometer and walk away – so will easily maintain your muscle mass, and will prevent osteoporosis.

3. Give your cellulite massages

Whether manual or apparatus, cellulite massage helps release the accumulated fat in the legs. They stimulate blood circulation, as well as the liver. But their maximum effect takes time. Do not start immediately and power quality too – just one massage a month.

4. Eat breakfast healthy

Sweetened breakfast cereals, fruit juices, white bread, jam – this seems balanced breakfast, but actually leads to higher levels of insulin, which in turn is a prerequisite for hypoglycemia and increased need for sweet. Consume natural yogurt, fresh fruit and unsweetened muesli or cheese and ham.

5. Get enough sleep

Shortage of sleep adversely affects the weight through the action of two hormones – leptin and ghrelin, which regulate hunger and satiety. According to some scholars sleepless nights cost us 300 extra calories a day. US study found that women who sleep enough / about 8 hours / bed and get up at the same times, have much less body fat than women who sleep around 6:00.

6. Take care of the intestinal flora

Increasingly, researchers are interested in not quite familiar intestinal flora consisting of bacteria live in perfect balance. In some people it works so that accumulating – this is due to certain bacteria in the composition. Clearly all methods of weight loss and maintaining optimal weight must comply with the condition of the intestinal flora. Take probiotics!

7. Chew well

When we chew slowly and continuously, the brain receives a signal satiety in less amount of food consumed. This allows to reduce portions without experiencing frustration. When we chew well, consume 19% less calories and spend 25-30% more energy, according to a Japanese study. This accelerates the metabolism of fats, especially those that are located in the abdomen.

8. Avoid industrial food

Finished food products are rich in fats and sugars with high glycemic index and low in protein. That is why most of them lead to weight gain. Start cooking! No need to spend your life in the kitchen, use the quick and easy recipes with fresh ingredients – a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers to poached eggs or fish baked with spinach steam. You need no more than 10-15 minutes to eat a healthy and delicious food. And you will be cheaper!

9. Forget about artificial sweeteners

Officially, they are considered safe, although studies are conflicting. In practice artificial sweeteners to maintain taste sweet and have a counterproductive effect. Better learn to drink coffee and tea unsweetened, and consume dairy products and fruits without them add anything.

10. There is no obligation to complete the feeding

When you feel that you are already satiated their hunger, no mistake to finish his meal. The same applies to the dessert – the body gives a clear sign that you do not need more, so give up sweet.

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