How to reduce the amount of trans fats?

Trans fats are as unexpected products. They are not only French fries but also croissants, coffee cream and even some in cereal bars.
First, not so dangerous trans fats as “overdose” them, say nutritionists. In small amounts in natural form they are present in all products in which there are vegetable and animal fats.

The problem is that artificial trans fats present in margarine and many other foods we eat every day and so we increase mpostepenno accept them.
Exceeding them sooner or later will lead to the fact that gain weight, you have many health problems with joints and spine, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, liver. But trans fats are dangerous for other reasons.

These molecules can be incorporated into the lipid layer of cell membranes, and thus reducing their ability to protect the cells.

This increases the risk of cancer. Too many trans fats raise levels of “bad” cholesterol. And at the same time is “glued” to the walls of blood vessels, which gives Stans to the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

Which products much trans fat?

Artificial trans fats in food are formed in two ways. The first – the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, its transformation from liquid to solid. The product has a long shelf life and therefore rancid.

Trans fats are formed when changing the temperature of the vegetable oil: alternating phases of heating and cooling.

It is shocking that these harmful substances found in at least one quarter of all food products. Moreover, they are marked on the label only two percent of the cases.

Trans fats are: coffee cream, packaged pastries, frozen cakes, chocolate.

How to reduce the amount?

10 ways to reduce dietary fat

Teach them to know. How? Products with trans leaving unpleasant greasy film on the tongue. That is what helps!

  • First, eat at home. Reduce visits to fast food restaurants.
  • Avoid foods with breading.
  • Read the labels. Trans fats are often found behind the words “hydrogenated vegetable oil, oil, oil substitute.”
  • Note the storage time of the product. If there very long durability – do not buy that food.
  • Trans fats are substances harmful to health and their weight accumulating, yet why eat them?
  • It is important, in our view, a person can change the culture of consumption of fats in general. If daily tread with cooked meals, stop.
  • Use olive oil for salads, as a result you will have fewer problems with weight and health.