Anyone who has a problem with overweight wants to lose weight quickly, easily and permanently, and if it effortlessly. Unfortunately, this is impossible. To lose weight permanently and healthy, you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience, and put a lot of effort to follow their diet. The most common mistake that people make who want to lose weight permanently is through the full famine, or compliance with any diet impossible. These two methods can help you lose weight, but as soon as you stop hunger, lost weight fairly quickly. This is called “yo-yo effect.” For this reason, we advise you not expose your body to such stress because they simply will have no effect.

You should know that the best and most effective method for weight loss is a healthy way and need to lose weight gradually to achieve the desired result.

By following a few simple rules will get rid of excess weight without having to follow strict diets and painful.

For starters, start counting your calories every day. This is an extremely important rule, because it is necessary to burn more calories than you take in your diet.

You need to change your diet. No dinner before bedtime, and do not miss breakfast.

Try the food you eat, be balanced and diverse, but Do not deny yourself completely of your favorite foods.

Try not to take food between meals. If you can, replace Crackers and chips with green apple or carrot. Your diet will be more effective if you combine it with some sport. Choose the one you pleasure as there is no evidence what is the most effective sport for weight loss. If you can not train every day, just do more movements – Walk, cycle, walk to the dance, or do tours on weekends. The most important thing is to consume more energy than is caused by food.

You must be positive in order for your diet for weight loss to have the desired effect.